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1    Lincoln Suite
2    Hoosier Suite
3    William Henry Harrison
         Presidential Suite

4    Gen. John Hunt Morgan

5    Walter Gresham Room
6    Squire Boone Room
7    Governor's Suite
8    Sallie Kintner
         Honeymoon Suite

9    Dennis Pennington Room
10  Schoolmaster's Room
11  Joe Zimmerman Room
14  Innkeeper's Room
15  Spier Spencer Room
16  Drummer's Room

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Dining Room


Innkeeper's Room
Room #14 -- $129-$149


BED - Handmade by Local Artist-Designer Donna Stepp
WINDOW TREATMENT - Handmade by Local Artist-Designer Donna Stepp
CHEST - Victorian Burl Cherry-Walnut, circa 1880
PICTURES - Three Original Paintings by Local Artist Gladys Moore
BLUE GLASS LAMPS - Three Lamps, Custom Made in Corydon, Indiana by Zimmerman Art Glass

      Mary Jane Bridgwater is the only living person for whom a room is named. However, she is deserving of the honor because of the fantastic job she did as Innkeeper after the Kintner House opened to the public in late 1986. She has set the tone for the graciousness and elegance we strive for in serving our valued guests.
     Prior to joining the Kintner House Inn, she worked for eight years as a florist. This talent is evident in our floral arrangements and decorations throughout the Inn.
     Mary Jane attended the John Heron Art Institute at Indianapolis, and for over twenty years, has drawn the ceramic discs and other artifacts that help customize many of the art glass products made by the famous Zimmerman Art Glass Company of Corydon, Indiana.
     Mary Jane is the mother of five children (3 sons and 2 daughters) and has nine grandchildren. She says being Innkeeper here is just like raising a family - just a different family every night.
     Mary Jane is now retired. Dee Windell has taken her place as Innkeeper of the Kintner House. She continues in Mary Jane's tradition of providing gracious and excellent service to all our guests.

     Many complimentary news articles have been written about the Kintner House and Mary Jane:

"To Mary Jane Bridgwater of Kintner House Inn, bed and breakfast in Corydon, Indiana --- Here's hoping the Methodists let you play "Toot,Toot, Tootsie" on your Wurlitzer for them just once. (Sing-alongs with Mary Jane are part of the fun at the Kintner House Inn). Mary Jane also is organist at the United Methodist Church in Crandall, Indiana."

Steve Stack            
1988 Midwest Living            

"Mary Jane Bridgwater sometimes is chief cook and bottle washer, supervising reservations, housekeeping and food preparation while also serving as tourism and recreation director."
"Mary Jane radiates a neighborly welcome as she presides over activities at the restored 114 year old Kintner House Inn."

1987 Indiana News            

"You are the perfect Innkeeper for a fabulous Inn."

Tim Loughmiller            
1987 New Albany Tribune            

"If you're wandering Indiana, you must stop and meet Innkeeper Mary Jane Bridgwater, a lady with more glow than a Christmas tree, at Corydon's Kintner House Inn"

Betty Schneider            
September, 1987 Grant County, Kentucky News            

"A 1989 article describes Mary Jane "as the delightful energetic Innkeeper whose love for people and the town of Corydon is contagious."
"Mary Jane Bridgwater is a legend in her own time. We are proud to name this room for her."

Blaine Wiseman            
Kintner House Inn President, 1994